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Monday, 30 January 2012

Blue slipper shoes

I literally just got back from an event the ACS at my uni organised and I have to say that I actually had fun. It was good fun seeing everyone in such an nice setting and there was also some food involved so you know black people will attend   there was a lot of people there. It gave me a chance to dress up a little bit and finally wear my new slipper shoes I got from Topshop. I think these are so sexy on guys and as soon as I tried them on I realised that they are just some badass shoes point, blank period.

I just love these....such a fun colour and very comfortable.

Here is the rest of my outfit... apologies for forgetting to finish putting on my scarf properly.

Shoes- Topshop
Leather jacket- House of fraser
Leggings- American apparel
Scarf- Primark [Its on sale for only £3...BARGAIN]

Stay FabBuLoUs dolls,

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