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Monday, 9 January 2012


I'm sure that most people are familiar with the title of this topic. The blackberry has become an overnight sensation and a phone once commonly associated with the business elite has made its way to the common man.

The only feature of the blackberry which has lured many people into getting this phone is Blackberry messenger. This tool allows people to send instant messages to each other and allows a quick conversation to take place. When I first got my blackberry oh, I was obsessed with my BBM. This love has progressed into HATE. YUP I SAID IT, I HATE MY BLACKBERRY.

The blackberry is considered a smart phone and I believe that you have to be smart to have such a phone but unfortunately this is not the case. People have broken all rules of social etiquette with the blackberry messenger and I think that the time has come for us to establish a set of rules which makes having a blackberry a more pleasant affair.

1. BROADCAST MESSAGES: Words cannot describe how much I hate broadcast messages. This feature is soo much abused that I tend to delete people on my contact list who I feel send me too many broadcasts. A broadcast message is supposed to be sent OCCASIONALLY and in certain situations only. These are:

-when advertising some new business venture of yours

-sending generic happy new year/christmas messages and NOT silly shite no one cares about like happy monday. We all know it's Monday so there's no need to remind us

-the OCCASIONAL breaking news that is VERIFIED e.g. Michael Jackson is dead.

And for all of you people out there who are still a bit confused these are examples when you should NOT send broadcasts
1. Spamming. No one likes to be spammed so don't do it. SIMPLE

2. 'Broadcast this message otherwise your BBM service will get deleted' THIS NONSENSE NEEDS TO STOP. You have paid for your BBM and so it is yours.

3. Silly Jokes: please only send jokes that will make people roll off their chair. If not KEEP IT TO YOURSELF

4. Religious threats: forward this to 10 people or else blah blah blah..... I refuse to send these and I am still alive and kicking so please, no one wants to hear it

5. Random shizz like 'I am about to go out'. This needs no explanation. JUST STOP

6. Serial broadcasting- Even if it is vital information please be aware that one broadcast a day is too much. Its not cute and it just makes you look needy, desperate and mostly ANNOYING AS HELL.

If this post offends you please re-evaluate your life.

Stay FaBuLoUs dolls


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